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Dental crowns are restorations placed over damaged teeth to improve their function, strength, shape or size.

Crowns are generally recommended to provide strength after a root canal treatment.

Types of Crown

There are a number of different types of crown;

  • All Ceramic
  • Porcelain bonded to Zirconium or metal alloy
  • All Gold
  • All Zirconium

We will always discuss with you the most appropriate material to use for your crown.

The shade of the crown will be matched to the adjacent teeth as much as possible. For optimal results- especially at the front of the mouth we will sometimes suggest you meet with our technician in Wimpole Street for a colour and characterisation match.

Although crowns are very strong and successful restorations it is important to remember that they still require care and good hygiene to prevent gum disease or decay of the supporting tooth.

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