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Wrinkle Reduction

Age related changes in our facial appearance are unavoidable. Lines and wrinkles develop as the result of our facial muscles contracting and relaxing over the years.

Anti –wrinkle injections are highly effective at reducing or even eliminating these lines which can make us look older than we would like to – or indeed are!

An extreemly fine needle is used with skill and care to gently place a small ammount of botulinium toxin into the muscles that are having a negative impact on your appearance. After a period of 5-7 days the muscles gradually relax and the skin becomes smoother. The effects last for 4-5 months.

Within the practice anti-wrinkle treatment is carried out by our dentist Dr Sheilah Owen. Dentists have detailed knowledge and understanding of the facial anatomy and so are able to target the muscles accurately, thus still achieving a natural result – and a face that can still show expression.

The injections are painless and do not require local anaesthetic.

Sheilah feels very strongly that a detailed consultation to discuss your requirements is essential to an excellent result. This initial consultation is free of charge.

Areas that can be treated:

Frown Lines

When you frown, you pull your eyebrows together and over time this can leave deep grooves in your skin.
Over time these muscles can become quite strong and have a “drawing down’ effect on your eyebrows even at rest.
Relaxing these muscles reduces the resulting stern, serious expression and helps to lift the eyebrows as well.

Crows Feet

These are the lines that form at the side of your eyes as you smile. Softening these lines is a very popular and succesful treatment, but is done with skill so that when you smile your eyes still smile with you!

Forhead Lines

These horizontal lines develop as a result of raising your eyebrows, without anti wrinkle treatment these can develop into quite deep furrows. Patients often have tis area treated to prevent these developing over the years.

Gummy Smile

When smiling some people show rather more of their upper gums than they would like to. By carefully relaxing muscles that draw up the top lip,the ammount of gum shown can be reduced.

Other Applications for this muscle relaxant therapy


This is a problem experienced by many men and women whereby the amount of perspiration produced especially in the underarm region is excessive. It can be uncomfortable and socially embarrassing.

A series of painless injections placed just under the skin of the armpit is highly successful in drastically reducing the perspiration for approximately 4 months.

This treatment really improves the quality of life for those affected.

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