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Root Canal Treatment

Dulwich Wood Dental is a referral base for Root Canal Therapy.

We are delighted to have a resident endodontist. Gavin has a wealth of experience, having gained his masters dregee in endodontics in 1999 from the Eastman Dental Institute. He joined our team in 2000 and uses an operating microscope so that the treatment is as precise as possible. We have a long history of seeing patients from other practices purely for their root canal treatment and welcome all new referrals.


Within the root(s) of a tooth there is a fine network of canals that run from the tip (apex) of the root up to the crown. These canals normally contain blood vessels, nerves and cellular tissue (the ‘pulp’). Occasionally due to decay, large restorations, trauma, cracks or gum disease bacteria can invade the root canals. This can cause the tissue to become inflamed or infected to the point where it can no longer remain healthy and may degenerate. Bacteria can then grow readily in the canals as the blood supply to the canals (and thus the immune defence system) has been lost. This can lead to an abscess if the bacteria pass out from the canals at the apex of the root into the surrounding jaw bone.

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The treatment usually involves 1-2 appointments. The appointments may be quite long – lasting up to 90 minutes each. The time involved will vary for individual cases, but we appreciate it is a long time and will try and give you ‘little breaks’ when possible! You are welcome to bring headphones to listen to your podcast or favourite play list throughout . Local anaesthetic is used at each appointment.

Up to 3 small radiographs are taken during the procedure to verify the progress of the treatment.

It is normal to expect some degree of discomfort for 2-3 days after each treatment appointment. Using over the counter analgesics can usually control this.

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Root canal treatment has a success rate of between 75% and 95%. This depends upon the pre-existing condition of the tooth (infection or previously root treated decreases the success rate).

It is often advisable to have a crown made for the tooth after root canal treatment (mainly back teeth). This protects the already weakened tooth from fracturing.

Your own dentist will carry out any necessary crown work and charge accordingly.

It is advisable that a review radiograph is taken 6-months after the completed treatment to check for any change in pathology around the tooth.

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