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Fillings and Inlays

Fillings are mostly used to restore the natural shape and function of teeth that have damage due to decay. If left untreated,the cavity will become larger and can spread to the pulp of the tooth resulting in infections or an abscess. If left untreated the tooth might become so weakened it is no longer savable.

Fillings are also sometimes needed due to a fracture of the tooth.

Your dentist will always discuss with the options for the filling material to be used.


White filling material – known as ‘composite’ is the material of choice for the restoration of small or medium sized cavities. These materials bond to the tooth structure which means that often less cutting of the tooth is required. We use a variety of shades and opacities to ensure an almost invisible filling is the result.

Cosmetic filling materials are also used for repairing broken front teeth sometimes caused by trauma. With high quality materials we are able to achieve a very natural result- often avoiding the need for crowns or veneers.

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If a tooth requires a very large filling then sometimes a ceramic inlay is more appropriate. This is custom made by our dental technician and then bonded into the tooth cavity.


Amalgam or metal fillings are sometimes necessary when the position of the filling means that it is difficult to bond a white filling successfully.

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